A & A II Meat Market
2422 Page Ave. in Jackson
½ mile west of US 127

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Mon. thru Sat. 9 am to 6 pm
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Scott W. Mascho & Daniel J. Kluk · Owners

Named Best Full-Service Meat Market
by Jackson Magazine, March 2012

Just how popular is A&A II Meat Market? Longtime customer Richard Fall, Jackson, put it this way, ”I actually live closer to another meat market, but this one has the best quality meats and lowest prices, so it's worth the drive. It's simply the best in town.”

And while Fall is willing to drive across town, it's nothing compared to the fierce loyalty of some customers who drive from out-of-state to stock up at the market, renown for top quality guaranteed fresh meats; specialty items like homemade garlic toast; deli cheese; and trademarks like hickory smoked kielbasa.

“We have customers who drive from Ohio every two months and buy hundreds of pounds of meat to load in coolers and take back home,” said Dan KIuk, who co-owns A&A with Scott Mascho.

Little wonder the meat market, which sells 2,000 to 5,000 pounds of ground beef alone, was selected as “Best Full-Service Meat Market” for this year's Best of Jackson. “We don't sell anything we wouldn't be proud to eat ourselves,' said Mascho.

The 5,200-square-foot market, which employs 19, also is known for personal service. All the meats, including beef, chicken, pork, and sausage, are displayed on trays ready to be cut to customers preferences on the spot, from a New York steak that is ˝-inch thick to a hearty 3-incher.

A&A carries 35 varieties of sausage, including pineapple, banana hot pepper and traditional Polish sausage. 'For the 3-day period around Easter, we sell about 5,000 pounds of kielbasa alone,” said Kluk, referring to an Easter essential for those of Polish heritage. The market is located on Jackson's east side, which was once predominantly Polish.

“This market is a family tradition for many of our customers,” said Mascho, adding that the store has retained many second and third generation customers. “We know most by name. That personal touch means a lot.”.
Best of Jackson 2012 - Best Full-Service Meat Market
PHONE: 517-783-4500

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